Overseas Visit Reports

Overseas visit reports prepared by EO_Crew who have attended meetings, conferences, etc. with financial support from the EOC.


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The 2004 NOAA Satellite Direct Readout Conference:
“A Decade in Transition”

Miami, Florida, December 6-10 Edward King EOC
Third APEIS Capacity Building Workshop [Word document]

9-11 December
David LB Jupp EOC
Trip report covers the following meetings: [PDF]

SPIE Fourth International Asia-Pacific Environmental Remote Sensing Symposium 5658  Hawaii, USA

Fred Wu, NOAA

Eric Vermote,  University of Maryland

Dave Doelling

Else Swinnen

Matthias Braun Centre for Remote


Hawaii, 8-11 November

Washington DC, 13 November

Maryland, USA, 13 November

NASA Langley,  15 November

VITO Mol, Belgium 17 November

Bonn, Germany, 23 November

Michael Schmidt EOC

1. IGARSS (Conference)
2. Visit
Nicholas Coops



1. Anchorage, Alaska,
19-24 September

2. University of British Columbia, Vancouver,
13-18 September

Jenny Lovell, Glenn Newnham EOC
AERONET Workshop Huelva, Spain, May 10-14 2004. Ross Mitchell EOC



EOS DB Meeting [pdf Document] Hawaii, November 2003 Edward King EOC
The GEO Process and the GEO-2 Meeting [Word document]
Baveno, Italy, 28-29 November 2003 Mike Raupach EOC
CALIPSO (Cloud Aerosol Lidar Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations) Worrkshop and Science Team meeting.

Report is availble at:

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
16 – 23 November
Stuart Young CAR (EOC)

CEOS WGCV#21 Plenary.

MAVT-2003 Working Meeting.

Visit to RSMAS, Uni of Miami.

CEOS WGCV IVOS Sub-group meeting.
Beijing, China
13-14 October

Beijing, China
15-17 October

Frascati, Italy
20-24 October

Florida, USA
27-29 October

Beijing, China 13-14 October
Ian Barton

Reports from all these meetings can be downloaded as a word file:


or as a PDF:


International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS ‘03)
Meeting Report
Toulouse, France
21-25 July, 2003
Bisun Datt EOC
Second Meeting of the Research Coordination Committee (RCC) of the Asia-Pacific Environmental Innovation Strategy (APEIS) Project

Presentation: An update on MODIS DB Acquisition, Processing and Applications in Australia

Meeting Report
(Word document)
Bangkok, Thailand
March 30-31, 2003.
David L B Jupp EOC


Satellite Direct Readout for the Americas - Users Conference [PDF] Miami, Florida
9-13 December 2003.
Edward King EOC
Report (PDF) includes:
  • High-Level WSSD Follow-up Meeting, ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, 19 November
  • CEOS 16th Plenary, ESRIN, 20-21 November
  • Meeting with UK DEFRA, London, 25 November
  • AATSR meetings, RAL, 26-27 November
  • Visit to Leicester University,
    28-29 November
  • 3rd GHRSST Meeting, ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, 2-4 December
  • ENVISAT Validation Workshop, Frascati, Italy, 9-13 December
UK & Italy
Nov-Dec 2002
Ian Barton CMR
NASA EO-1 Science Validation Team Meeting Hilo, Hawaii.
November 18-23, 2002
Bisun Datt EOC
SPIE “Remote Sensing Asia ’02” Conference
Hangzhou, China
23 – 27 October
David L B Jupp
22nd ASTER Science Meeting Tokyo, Japan
May 20–23 2002
Rob Hewson MMTG CEM
APEIS Workshop on MODIS and other network opportunities. Beijing, China
20-21 September 2002
David L B Jupp EOC
EO1 Science Validation Team Meeting
(and Ontar workshop in Andover, Ma)
Greenbelt, USA
April 13 - 29, 2002
David L B Jupp EOC
IGARSS 2002 Toronto, Canada
June 2002
Tom Cudahy CEM
ERSDAC Science Meeting Tokyo, Japan
June 2002
Tom Cudahy CEM
IGARSS 2002 Toronto, Canada
June 2002
Nicholas Coops FFP
Pacific Forestry Research Center,
Canadian Forest Service
Victoria, Canada
June 2002
Nicholas Coops FFP
Third International Workshop on Multiangular Measurements and Models (IWMMM-3)
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
10 - 12 June 2002
Ian Grant
Boston University, MODIS BRDF group Boston
14 June 2002
Ian Grant
Jeff Morisette (MODIS)
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,
Washington, DC
17 June 2002
Ian Grant
AVHRR and GOES calibration team (Weinreb, Wu and Cao)
Washington, DC
18 June 2002
Ian Grant
2nd GHRSST Meeting EORC, Tokyo
13-16 May 2002
Ian Barton CMR
AATSR Science Advisory Group meeting DEFRA, London
9 May 2002
Ian Barton CMR
ATSR Core Group Meeting Southampton Oceanography Centre
8 May 2002
Ian Barton CMR
ATSR Product Control Board Meeting Southampton Oceanography Centre
8 May 2002
Ian Barton CMR
CEOS WGCV 19th Plenary Ottawa, Canada
1-3 May 2002
Ian Barton CMR
International workshop on three-dimensional analysis of forest structure and terrain using lidar technology.
Pacific Forestry Centre, Victoria, BC, Canada
14-15 March 2002.
Jenny Lovell EOC


Mineral Mapping Project in W. China Beijing, China, October 2001 Dr Kai Yang
Mineral Mapping Technologies Group, CSIRO Exploration & Mining
Baltic Sea Science Congress:
International Ocean Colour Workshop on Bio-optical Modelling
and Remote Sensing
Stockholm, November 2001 Tiit Kutser EOC
SPIE International Conference on Remote Sensing. September 2001
Toulouse, France
Tiit Kutser EOC


Japan, November 2001 Ian Barton CMR
1. Denver, USA

2. Pasadena, USA

Catherine Ticehurst CLW
Second Envisat Rehearsal Campaign Review
Meeting Minutes
ESRIN, Frascati, Italy
17 - 20 July 2001
Arnold Dekker CLW
 USA/Italy - May/June 2001 Ian Barton  Marine
WGISS-12 & WGISS Subgroups Meeting, Sioux Falls
7-11 May 2001
Edward King EOC
 Report on 2001 AVIRIS Workshop. Pasadena CA, USA.  Feb 27th - Mar 2nd 2001  Andrew Roger  DEM


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