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Improving the analysis of Hyperion red-edge index
David Jupp, Bisun Datt, Tim McVicar, Tom Van Niel, Jay Pearlman, Jenny Lovell & Edward King)

Third International Asia-Pacific Environmental Remote Sensing Symposium
Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere, Ocean, Environment, and Space 2002
23 - 27 October 2002
Hangzhou,  China
David LB Jupp
CSIRO vegetation assessment and monitoring initiative 
David LB Jupp
Canopy Lidar for sounding vegetation canopies and estimating biomass
David LB Jupp
Agricultural disaster early warning systems
UN / China / ESA Conference on Space Applications for Promoting Sustainable Agriculture
September 14 -17 1999
Beijing, China
David LB Jupp
Historical, emerging and future Remote Sensing Technologies
for mapping and monitoring coral reefs.
International workshop on Remote Sensing tools for mapping and monitoring coral reefs.
June 7 - 10 1999
David LB Jupp
Ground data in support of Hyperspectral missions
EOC Hyperspectral Science Meeting
May 4 - 5, 1999
David LB Jupp

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