NASA’s Earth Observing System:
Assets and Access

Presented at: The 11th Australasian Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Association Conference
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
September 2 – 6, 2002
by: Marc Lee Imhoff
Earth System Science Project Scientist

The following files have been extracted from Marc's presentation.

Due to the complexity of the presentation, the animations have been removed from the powerpoint file and made available separately.

Powerpoint file


Global snow cover 2001-2002
plus Himalayas 2001-2002
Global Aerosol Optical Properties (MODIS)
Himalayas Flyover
Earth by Night
San Francisco Flyby - ASTER data
ASTER scan swath
Sample data from MISR
MISR scan swath
MODIS scan swath
Simulated Terra launch
Simulated deployment of solar panel on Terra Terra
Simulated Deployment Sequence for Aqua
MOPITT scan swath
MOPITT data over 2001
CERES Scan Swath on Aqua
AQUA CERES instrument swath
Sample Data from Terra CERES

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