There are four receivers at three sites in Australia that currently record direct broadcast data from MODIS (both Terra and Aqua satellites) on an operational basis. They are:

The Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology plans to expand this network with further operational ground stations in Darwin, Melbourne and Casey base in Antarctica.

ACRES currently offers geometrically and radiometrically corrected level 1B MODIS products on a daily basis to customers in Australia. The products are generated by using level 1B software provided by NASA and/or by IMAPP (both are offered until differences are resolved). These products are available within 24 hours of acquisition and distributed through Internet/FTP. Currently, 1196 users registered for this service. Further information on this product can be obtained at

There is also a web accessible fire product available in near real time mode (within a couple hours of acquisition) based on NASA's MOD14 software. This was web-enabled by CSIRO in collaboration with ACRES. A large number of users (several thousands) have registered for this service. Further information on this product can be found at

WASTAC uses IMAPP software to process MODIS data for land applications and they currently offer a fire product and NDVI product to Western Australian users. For marine applications the NASA software is used to provide Level 1B. See for more details on this site.


ACRES: Australian Centre for Remote Sensing (part of Geoscience Australia)
WASTAC: Western Australian Satellite Technology and Applications Consortium
TERSS: Tasmanian Earth Resources Satellite Station
CSIRO: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

WASTAC and TERSS are consortia comprising government agencies (BoM and CSIRO included) and universities. CSIRO is the national agency for scientific research. Geoscience Australia is the national agency for geoscience research and geospatial information.

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