The Earth Observing Crew

The Earth Observing Crew is comprised of the wider group of Earth Observation scientists and supporters in CSIRO.

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Atmospheric Research
Melbourne  Bob Cechet
    Harvey Davies
    Mac Dilley
    Mary Edwards
    Clive Elsum
Ian Grant
    Jorgen Jensen
    Denis O'Brien Denis.O'
    Fred Prata
    Brian Ryan
    Peter Turner
Earth Observation Centre (Atmospheric Research)
  Canberra Mike Raupach
Rowena Foster
  Susan Campbell
    David Jupp
    Edward King
    Jenny Lovell
    Ross Mitchell
Glenn Newnham
Michael Schmidt
   Sydney Bisun Datt
  Canberra Dave Jauncey
     Jim Lovell
Energy Technology
  Sydney John Carras
Exploration & Mining
  Brisbane Tim McLennan
    Phil Soole
  Perth Tom Cudahy
    Rob Hewson
    Tim Munday
Erick Ramanaidou
Peter Hick
    Ian Tapley
  Sydney Jon Huntington
  Peter Mason
    Lew Whitbourn
    Kai Yang
  Perth Michael Caccetta
  Cindy Ong
Forestry & Forest Products
  Melbourne Nicholas Coops
  Darius Culvenor
    Steve Fraser
Land & Water
Adelaide Phil Davies
Canberra Janet Anstee
Peter Briggs
    Guy Byrne
Paul Daniel
    Arnold Dekker
    Alex Held
    Tim McVicar
Tom Van Niel
    Mike Raupach
  Perth Simon Cook
Marine Research
  Brisbane Ian McLeod
  Hobart Ian Barton
    John Church
    Lesley Clementson
    Stuart Godfrey
    Brian Griffiths
    Vince Lyne
    John Parslow
    Chis Rathbone
    Paul Tildesley
    Alison Turnbull
    Steve Walker
  Perth Alan Pearce
Peter Fearns
Mathematical & Information Sciences
  Perth Fiona Evans
    Suzanne Furby
    Harri Kiiveri
    Jeremy Wallace
  Sydney Mark Berman
    Leanne Bischof
Plant Industry
  Adelaide Brian Loveys
  Canberra Damian Barrett
Sustainable Ecosystems
  Alice Springs Garry Bastin
    Vanessa Chewings

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