CSIRO Space Activities:
The future role of COSSA

A one day workshop to discuss the future of COSSA (CSIRO Office of Space Science & Applications) was held on Tuesday 12th November at the COSSA office in Canberra (ANUTech Court). The aims of the workshop were to identify all of CSIRO's space science activities, current and future needs, and possible future roles of COSSA and the HoC directed to meeting those needs in a one-CSIRO way.

COSSA is a small, "one-CSIRO" unit of some years standing currently administered by CAR, located on the ANU Campus in Canberra, along with CSIRO's Earth Observation Centre (EOC). By end of 2002 COSSA/EOC will move to a new location in the Christian Building on CSIRO's Black Mountain site.

Under the direction of the COSSA Steering Committee of Chiefs the roles of Head of COSSA (HoC) and EOC Science Leader, previously held by one person, have been split into separate appointments. The new EOC Science Leader was recently appointed (Dr Michael Raupach). 

Prior to searching for a new Head of COSSA a broad review of CSIRO's needs in relation to national and international space sciences would be very beneficial, with the potential for the HoC role to broaden considerably to yield added value to a wider CSIRO constituency. Prospects might include combining the historical HoC "representation" and other roles with additional roles in national and international business development, and international key account management with major space agencies and other players.

Willem Bouma acted as the meeting facilitator. His summary report of the meeting is now available:


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