2002 EOC Annual Science Meeting

27 - 28 August


Time Speaker Presentation title
Coffee, Politics & Technical issues
0930 David Jupp Welcome. Latest COSSA/EOC news & plans.
1000 Ross Mitchell Task 3.2: Validation of Aerosol Retrievals over the Australian Continent
1030 Ian Barton Task 2.2: SST Validation
Morning tea
1045 Ian Barton MODIS DB, AQUA and the upcoming MODIS Meeting
1130 Ian Grant Task 3.3: BRDF of typical Australian land cover types
1200 Peter Turner Integrating Remote Sensing Data Products into Numerical Models of the Environment
1230 Lunch
1330 Jenny Lovell,
Peter Turner
CAPS - status and futures
1400 Edward King Product presentation - from grist to bread
1430 Tim McVicar AVHRR applications - the future?
1500 Peter Turner An Australian Advanced Geostationary Satellite
A vision for a space-based initiative of national significance
1530 Mike Raupach Model-Data Fusion in Earth Observation
1550 Chair: Dean Graetz Discussion on environmental satellite data - past, present and future needs, directions & opportunities

(Minutes as taken by Susan Campbell)

Wednesday 28 August: Task reports continue

Time Speaker Presentation title
0845 David Jupp Plans for Day 2 - Special Sessions
0900 Bisun Datt The Hyperspectral Task Report
0920 EO-1 Session
Chair DLBJ
Nicholas Coops: Predicting Eucalypt Biochemistry from
Tim McVicar: Coleambally Irrigation Area (CIA) and EO-1
A Time Series Agricultural and Cal-Val Site

Vittorio Brando: Satellite hyperspectral remote sensing for estimating estuarine and coastal water quality
Alex Held: Tumbarumba Reflectance Dynamics Study
Vanessa Chewings: Characterisation of vegetation components in the Australian arid zone using EO-1 Hyperion imagery
Melissa Quigley: (not yet available)
Melissa Quigley
(on behalf of
Tom Cudahy):
Hyperion Mineral Mapping results: Panorama
Melissa Quigley
(on behalf of
Tom Cudahy):
Assessment of the stability of the Hyperion SWIR module for hyperspectral mineral mapping using multi-date images of Mount Fitton.
1230 Lunch
1330 Jenny Lovell, Nicholas Coops, Darius Culvenor CSIRO Canopy Lidar Initiative
1400 Peter Caccetta The AGO Landcover Project – Lessons and outcomes
1430 Kadija Oubelkheir An introduction
1445 Arnold Dekker &
Vittorio Brando
Water quality and optical remote sensing work & progress
General discussion

Using Hyperion to map coral reef benthic substrates (Tiit Kutser)

1530 Greg Ayers Clouds, Aerosols & Climate – what can EO deliver?
1600 Cheryllann Biegler Commercialisation opportunities in Earth Observation
(ARIES-Info Commercialisation)
1630 Greg Ayers EOC operations, structure and functions
(Future planning delayed)
1700 Greg Ayers
Mike Raupach
Meeting wrap-up

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